A final hurrah. A farewell. A thank you.

Today marks the end of a chapter for Made Social and while it is definitely hard to say goodbye to something we’ve poured our hearts into, we are moving forward with so many incredible memories. 

A little over six years ago, two best friends with a mutual love of crafting and a desire to bring people together created something incredible. 

What started as the whisper of an idea from one creative to another blossomed into something more than we could have ever dreamed of.

Of course there were the events, the markets, and the at-home kits; the crafts, the cake, and all of the confetti; but above all else, what has mattered the most has been all of you — friends, families, colleagues, and perfect strangers  — coming together with us to create something beautiful. 

We’ve made so many wonderful memories together over the years — designing crafts in our dining room while kids crawled at our feet, texting random bits of inspiration at all hours of the night, loading/unloading supplies in -30 weather, photographing cakes in the most unimaginable places, cutting confetti (yes, we hand-cut it!)  — we poured so much of ourselves into this little business of ours and doing it together has been such a special part of our friendship. 

These past six years with Made Social have filled our hearts right to the brim and we are so, so grateful for the creativity, the community, and above all, the people it has brought into our lives. 

While it is definitely hard to say goodbye to something we love, what we want to say most of all is THANK YOU.  

Thank you to each and everyone one of you who attended our workshops, purchased a craft kit, or left us a message of support — it has truly meant the world to us and we appreciate you so much.

Thank you to the amazing small businesses we’ve had an opportunity to connect with — we are constantly inspired by your talents and feel honoured that we were able to work with you and share your incredible talents.  From the cakes, the flowers, the supplies, the food, the venues to the many, many local gems who shared their businesses with our community — we are so grateful. 

And lastly, we’re so thankful for each other. For the laughter and the teamwork, the inspiration and the understanding. For taking a little idea and together making it into something we can be so proud to have been a part of.

Coming to the decision to say goodbye to this piece of us, and putting it out into the world has us feeling pretty tender today, but we are moving forward with so much love and gratitude in our hearts. 

Thank YOU for being here. 

xo, Christine and Andrea

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