Made Social Circle: Justine Ma

One of our main goals with Made Social has always been to create a sense of community. Crafty or not, we want to bring all women together to be creative and make genuine connections. We have been so inspired by past generations of sewing circles and knitting bees and wanted to create a ‘creative circle’ of our own — a circle that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive!

We want to extend that circle to reach and inspire as many women as we can with our new feature ‘Made Social Circle’. This circle is all about sharing, connecting and getting to know women who inspire us to live a creative life.

Women supporting women because creativity is contagious.

We couldn’t think of a more perfect woman to launch this feature than Justine Ma. Not only is she a talented artist, hand letterer and designer here in #yeg, but she has also been one of our biggest supporters of Made Social and an unwavering source of creative inspiration in our lives. Justine is kind, thoughtful, has the best laugh and truly embraces creativity in everything (and everything she does is pretty darn amazing)!

We spent the morning with Justine and Ruby crafting her custom word craft kit and chatting about how she lives a creative life.

Meet Justine…



What are 5 words that describe you best?

Doodler, Letter-lover, Giggler, Maximalist, Hugger


We love how creativity can mean so many different things to so many people whether it be creating art, decorating a home, personal fashion, cooking… what does creativity mean to you and how does it fit into your everyday life?

Being creative IS my life. I can’t imagine a day without drawing, splashing paint around or colour coding. Yep, I colour code my closet and some book shelves. I’ve always been a visual learner so I use colour coding to easily find/remember things. I’m also a maxamilist. I have a love of things and memories, art and photographs, so much of that is displayed and often moved around in my home as holidays come and go.


How do you fit creativity into your family life?

My four year old daughter Ruby and I craft at least once a day. This is what I know. I’m not a great cook or baker, or physical activist, so we can often be found making something at the kitchen table. Beading necklaces or most likely painting something and getting real messy.



Where is your happy place?

Anywhere my husband and daughter are. I find I’m most comfortable/confident when the three of us are within arms reach.


What are some day to day challenges that keep you from achieving your goals? (balance, distraction, procrastination, what is something that doesn’t come easy to you?)

I’m a big procrastinator. Since we really only have just shy of three hours of child care a day, I have to try my best to be productive but it doesn’t always work. You can’t just turn on your creative, it just comes when it comes. I’m very lucky to have a home office and a lot of tech that I can just grab and sketch on the go.


How do you treat yourself?



What colours are you drawn to most right now?

Magenta always, soft pink, forest greens, white, sunshine yellow.



What is your favourite room in your house? Which is the messiest?

My office is by far the messiest! I work in chaos and that’s how I know where everything is haha. My favourite room is my dining room. My husband recently renovated and added a wee bump out just off the dining table. We put in an 8 foot sliding door which brings in SO much south facing sunshine that literally makes me beam with happiness. When I sit at the table, I have the best perspective of the kitchen and the family room so I can always see what’s happening.


Where do you like to hang out in Edmonton?

The Art of Cake. It’s so close to home, and has such tasty treats and really delicious tea!


How are you inspired by women in your community?

Edmonton is truly the best! We have so many talented bloggers and creatives that I’m constantly in awe of. I find our women are passionate, have such great variety and also so so supportive. We are small and mighty and it really shows in the community.


Why did you choose the word ‘focus’ for your custom Made Social MINI craft kit?

Mostly to get my butt in gear! I’m trying to focus more on my products and new designs. I’d like to experiment more, be inspired more. When you work for yourself, it’s so hard to say no to projects. It actually kills me a little to say no. My focus is really this company and the growth of it for 2018.



Quote/advice to live by?

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde


fave guilty pleasure: looking at fitness pages on instagram while eating chips on the couch!

fave cake flavour: vanilla

fave made social workshop/project: paper marbling

fave drink: soda water with a splash of elderflower cordial

fave emoji:


Thanks so much Justine!


You can find Justine online here or on her Instagram here.

You can create your very own Made Social custom word craft kit here.


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