Mama & Me Necklaces

Welcome to Made Social MINI – a pint-sized version of our modern craft workshops with all the creativity, craftiness and fun. (Just add confetti!)

Yay! Let’s get crafty.
Here are few tips and photos to help you complete your Mama & Me necklaces!

Painting Beads

• place beads on wooden sticks and paint your favourite colours — try and use one stick per colour.

Break time! Let the beads fully dry!

TIP: lean your sticks against your craft kit box while drying.
TIP: if you can’t wait, ask a grown up to help you dry them with a blow dryer!

Assemble Kid Necklace

• attach jump ring (that’s the small black circle!) to your charm. Ask mom to make sure it’s closed as tight as possible so it doesn’t fall off.

• string charm onto your necklace.
• string beads onto both sides of your charm in whichever order you like!

• open clasp into halves and and slide one string through the small hole end.
• secure with a double knot and repeat with the other half of clasp onto other end of necklace.
• trim ends.

Assemble Mama Necklace

• fold your string in half.
• place metal square over string loop, tuck both ends of string back through loop and pull tightly to secure string to square.

• wrap necklace around neck/shoulders with square on one side and string ends on the other.
• thread string ends through metal square and adjust to desired lengths.

TIP: for added interest make one end shorter than the other.

• add beads to both ends and secure with a knot.
• trim strings.

You did it! Put on your necklaces and adore your Mama & Me creations!